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Soundtruism is an audio/video production and training company. Our clients include factual documentaries for the BBC, audio/visual projects for charities and training for universities.



Award-winning audio, radio and podcast production.



Podcast masterclass, journalism & interview techniques, media production workshops.



Specialists in short form video content for social media across platforms.

We deliver audio/visual projects with creative, original treatments to rigorous journalistic standards, to suit all budgets.

If you are a high profile individual we have experience working with influencers, academics and politicians on their podcasts. We create digital video promos for charities and business clients and take care to ensure that the content is delivered to high standards. Please contact us and tell us about what you need.

‘Soundtruism’ is a philosophy embedded into our company ethos.  We combine journalistic integrity with diversity and inclusion as our guiding principles. It’s what makes us sound authentically true.  We can help you find your true voice to connect with your audience in a meaningful way. Find out more.


With nearly two decades of professional experience in the media industry, we have partnered with and have produced content for the following brands:


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