Specialists in short form video content for social media across platforms.  We have shot and edited short films for the BBC and worked with charities on promotional videos and make podcast promotional videos using creative treatments and effective story-telling techniques to deliver ‘thumb-stopping’ content. 

Women's Resource Centre

Social media video posted to Twitter and YouTube for charity, Women's Resource Centre.

Sikhs celebrate founder, Guru Nanak

On the 500th birthday of the founder of Sikhism, an historic road has opened up between two hostile nations - India and Pakistan.  Published for BBC social media channels.

British Car Industry - a quick history

Economist Dan Coffey explains how a once thriving British-owned car manufacturing industry, largely disappeared.  Published on BBC Business website and social media channels.

Doorstep Daughter: BBC Sounds

Social media promo video created for BBC Sounds podcast, for all social media channels and which also featured on the BBC home page.

Free Speech: BBC Radio 4

Social media animation video, produced, conceived and commissioned by Nina Robinson. Graphics by Luis Ruibal. Click here to listen to the full series

Solving the climate crisis in Venice?

Could a hydrogen powered boat be the answer to air pollution in Venice?  Produced, shot and edited by Nina Robinson for BBC's Facebook page.  17k views.

Indian elections: BBC World Service

The Mumbai Mirror newspaper team get to work as the Indian election kicks off. Social media video to promote the BBC podcast.  Ran on BBC and BBC News India Facebook page.

Jamaican Music: BBC & Open University

Social media video for BBC Facebook and Twitter on Nyabinghi drumming to '70s reggae and dancehall, Jamaican music gives a voice to resistance against oppression. Produced in association with Open University.  Click here to listen to the radio documentary presented by Dr Carolyn Cooper.

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