With expertise in broadcast, presentation and voice-work, we intimately understand how to work in this medium.  We offer creative treatments and advice on how to improve and deliver on any audio project, be they discussion-led or complex, multi-layered narrative documentaries.  A lot of our work has been in South Asia and Jamaica where we have an established network of professionals with whom we have built strong working relationships.  

Birmingham's Commonwealth Heroes

Exploring what the idea of ‘commonwealth’ means to Birmingham's grassroots sports heroes. Produced and presented by Nina Robinson.  A Soundtruism Production for the BBC.

The Last Afghan Sikhs

Once Afghanistan’s Sikh population numbered more than 100,000. Today, it’s estimated around only 100 Sikhs remain.  Following the return to Taliban rule, the BBC’s Kawoon Khamoosh speaks to those who have been forced to leave in recent years. Producer: Nina Robinson.

Spiritualism and the Soul

A BBC World Service documentary where 21 year old Journalism Graduate from Wolverhampton explores more about her faith.  Produced by another Birmingham City University journalism graduate.  Part of efforts by Soundtruism to develop local talent.

Strangers for Hire in Japan

Selected for 'The Most Amazing Documentaries' of the year by BBC World Service, the Japanese world of hiring strangers is explored.  Produced and presented by Nina Robinson.

India’s uterus scam

A joint BBC and Oxfam investigation into sham doctors conducting unnecessary hysterectomy operations on women in India.  Presented by Jill Mcgivering.  Produced by Nina Robinson. 

India’s working children

A BBC Investigation into children working as domestic servants featuring Nobel Prize winner Kailash Sathyarthi.

India’s Fashion Industry

Produced for the BBC World of Business podcast, fashion e-commerce and influencers in India are featured as well as the innovative Usha sewing project in Rajasthan.

Indian Cold War Legacy

The Compass podcast by BBC World Service marking 30 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall.  Presented by Divya Arya.  Produced by Nina Robinson. 

Mumbai Mirror

A ‘fly-on-the-wall’ documentary following journalists at an Indian newspaper for the BBC.

Reporting Covid 19

Nina Robinson, talks to journalists from two daily newspapers in India and the United States to explore their reporting of the coronavirus pandemic.  Broadcast by BBC June 2020. 

Bangladesh’s Garment Industry

17 year old Ruhani Akhtar explores economic growth from textile trade exports.  It is also where her mother works.

Gender Inequality in India

Project 17 is produced in partnership with the BBC and The Open University. Presenter: Sana Safi.  Producers: Nina Robinson and Rajesh Joshi.

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